"Refer and Earn” is back!

फेरी पनि पाउनुहोस् Double फाइदा Double मज्जा with Namaste Pay.

Namaste Pay Refer गर्नुहोस् र Earn गर्नुहोस् Rs. 20 अनि Namaste Pay App download गरी Register गर्दा तपाईको Referral Code Use गरेर तपाईको साथीले पाउनुहुनेछ Rs. 23.

जति धेरै Refer त्यति धेरै Earn with Namaste Pay Refer and Earn!

Terms and Conditions:

The offer will be live from 3rd Feb 2023 to 15th Feb 2023 or until the stock lasts.

The rewards will be credited to “The Namaste Paisa wallet” not the Main wallet.

To fully utilize the awarded amount in the Namaste Paisa wallet, users should maintain an equivalent amount in the main balance wallet. (For e.g.: If one user has got NPR 100 from refer and earn and they want to use this NPR 100 in recharge, they should maintain NPR 100 in their main wallet)

The amount credited in Namaste Paisa Wallet can be used only if the user is fully KYC verified.

The reward of one Smartphone and one Smartwatch are to be given to the highest referer of the users who have registered at the CAN infotech event.

Namaste Pay reserves the right to change/modify the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.