झKKAAS 50!!!

Download Namaste Pay App, Get Full KYC Verified, and Earn Rs. 50 on your Namaste Pay Wallet.

Download Now!!! Link: http://onelink.to/g9jq5c

Terms and Conditions

1. The wallet balance of Rs. 50 will be credited to the respective user’s wallet id on t+2 days.  

2. Only KYC Verified users shall be credited with the wallet balance of Rs. 50 

3. The promo code can be redeemed only once. 

4. This offer is valid from June 18th to August 18th 2022.

5. Users will only be able to claim the rewards for Jhakkas 50 campaign on a maximum of two of their Namaste Pay ID's.

6. Users who use any sort of promocode and get the cashbacks for the same after registering in Namaste Pay App will not be eligible for the Jhakkas50 reward.

7. KYC needs to be verified within one month after downloading the app. KYC verified after one month shall no longer be eligible for the Rs. 50 wallet balance. 

8. Namaste Pay reserves the right to change/modify/stop the offer if required at its sole discretion