Frequently Asked Question

    • How can I download the Namaste Pay app?

      • Step 1: Go to Play Store for Android users.
      • Step 2: Search “Namaste Pay” in the search box. You can see Namaste Pay (Beta) as a result.
      • Step 3:Click on the “Download” button.

    • Is Namaste Pay secure?

      Namaste Pay is very secure, as its activity is monitored and regulated by Nepal Rastra Bank. In addition, we value our customer's privacy. Hence, we have adopted security measures to protect our customer’s data and update it time and again.

    • What is Namaste Pay?

      Namaste Pay is the most trusted digital wallet of Nepal which works on both online and offline mode. Namaste Pay’s vision is to be one stop solution for all financial transaction providing its services not just to the technology literate banked population, but also to carter the needs of unbanked population and facilitate them to move together in the new digital world.

      Registered users of Namaste Pay can currently load fund via bank link, Nepal Telecom Mobile Recharge, pay Electricity and Khanepani bills and make Fund Transfer. More services such as Transactions via Agent Network, QR Payments, Other Telco Recharge, ISP Payments, TV/DTH Recharge, Government Payments, Tickets Booking (Flight, Bus, Cable Car, Movie), Insurance Premium Payment, Educational Institute Fee Payments, Demat or Mero Share Renewal, Remittance will be added subsequently.

    • What does “Approve the Request Money” mean?

      Once the process of requesting money is completed, the Sender’s request is recorded in pending transaction of the Receiver. Receiver has an option to “Approve” or “Reject” that request under 24 hours.

    • What is the maximum time to approve “Request Money”?

      The maximum time to approve the requested money is 24 hours.

    • How can I approve or reject Money?

      • Step 1: Click on the “Hamburger Menu” at the top left corner of the home screen.
      • Step 2: Click on “Pending transactions”. You will see a list of requested transactions.
      • Step 3: After that, click on “Approve” or “Reject” on the required transaction.
      • Step 4: Enter the PIN.

      After you have approved or rejected the request, both parties will receive SMS from Namaste Pay.

    • Can I cancel my “Request Money” once requested?

      The Requester can cancel the “Request money” if required by going to the “Pending Transaction” tab and click on the “Cancel” button.

    • How do I Request Money?

      • Step 1: Click “Request now” on Home Screen.
      • Step 2: Insert the person’s mobile number to whom you want to request money. Also, input the requested Amount (NPR).
      • Step 3: Click on "Next".
      • Step 4: Confirm the details and click on “Request Now”.
      • Step 5: Enter your PIN to verify.
      • Step 6: Click on “Verify”. After you have successfully requested money, the transaction will be enlisted in “Pending Transaction”. You can also “Cancel” the request from pending transaction.

    • What is Request Money?

      It is an easy way to request money from anyone registered on Namaste Pay wallet. It can be your family, friends or whom you trust. You can request or send money by just proving mobile number. You also have the option of QR scanning as well for request and send money.

    • What is pending transaction?

      On the Hamburger menu, at the top left corner of the home screen, you can find “Pending Transaction” tab. Inside that tab, you can find your pending transactions related to the “Request Money” and you can either “Approve" or “Reject” the request. The maximum time to approve the requested money is 24 hours.

    • How do I get register in Namaste Pay app?

      After you have downloaded the Namaste Pay app, follow the below steps:

      • Step 1: Click on “Register
      • Step 2: Enter your contact details i.e., Mobile Number. Email id and Referral code are optional.
      • Step 3: Click on “Verify” to get your mobile number verified.
      • Step 4: Enter the OTP code that you have received via SMS on your phone.
      • Step 5: Please go through the terms and conditions and tick on the box to accept it.
      • Step 6: Fill your Personal Details (Full Name, Date of Birth, Gender) and click on “Next” button.
      • Step 7: Fill your Address Details (Country, Province, District, Municipality) and click on “Next”. The other fields are optional.
      • Step 8: After that, add your KYC details i.e., Document type, Document ID number. Upload photo of your document (both sides). (Max size 2mb).
      • Step 9: Confirm your details. You will get a message from Namaste Pay once your registration is successful.

    • Do I need to register in both USSD and Namaste Pay app?

      Either you get registered via Namaste Pay App or through USSD (*500#). You are eligible to use both channels once you get registered from one.

    • How do we register in USSD?

      Once you dial *500#, you will get the option to get registered. Follow the given directions. You will receive a message after being registered.

    • How do I add multiple bank accounts to wallet?

      It is the same process as linking the bank account for the first time.

    • How to link bank account to Namaste Pay account?

      • Step 1: Click on the Hamburger Menu at the top left corner of the home screen.
      • Step 2: Click on “Payment Methods”, then go to “Add Bank”. You will see a list of banks.
      • Step 3: Select the bank you want to link and enter your “Bank Account Number”. Note: Your full name, phone no. and date of birth in the wallet should be same as in the bank details.
      • Step 4: You will receive an OTP from bank. Enter the OTP and confirm. Your linked bank account will be displayed in the Payment Methods. Then, you can easily transfer and load funds from your linked bank account.

    • How to download transaction history?

      Click on the “History” tab of the home screen. Select the “Wallet” option and tap on the right most icon of the “Wallet” tab. After this, you will find the option to export and download the transaction statements. Choose “Download” option and select “Date Range” - within 1 month or choose the time period provided as default. After confirming all, click the “Download” button and the transaction statement will get downloaded to your device.

    • How to check the history of user?

      Via USSD-

      Dial *500#. Choose option 1. My Account. After that, choose option 2. Mini Statement. The last five transactions, you did will be displayed. You can select the transaction id to know the details of each transaction.

      Via App-

      You just need to tap the “History” button on bottom menu of the home screen to see you transaction history.