Namaste Pay Digital Wallet

Namaste Pay mobile wallet service embodies a commitment to provide easy access to modern digital financial services to people across the length and breadth of Nepal.

About Us

We are a new payment service provider promoted by Nepal Telecom and Rastriya Banijya Bank. Our aim is to provide on-stop digital payment solution for multiple categories of goods, services and other financial transactions. Through our wallet service, we aim to help improve financial inclusion and access to financial services.

Through Namaste Pay, our subscribers can pay utility bills, buy travel tickets, transfer money and do many more financial transactions in an easy, efficient and secure manner. As we continue to add more services, enroll merchants and provide agent-network based transactions, our services shall be available through the nooks and corners of Nepal.

Through our nationwide network and through a wide range of partnerships with various stakeholders, we shall provide a broad range of financial services that you can carry around in your pocket and use very easily, through mobile app using Internet and through USSD without Internet.


Namaste Pay is dedicated towards creating cashless society, by providing our modern services not only to the banked and digitally educated people but also to the unbanked masses to bring about true financial inclusion.

The Network

Namaste Pay's aim is to provide easy, secure, reliable and efficient mobile payments service across the country. Through nationwide network of distributors, agents, merchants, banks and retailers, we shall provide cash-in, cash-out and a wide variety of payment services.

We shall enroll a wide spectrum of merchants from local street corner shops to department stores, from educational institutions to healthcare facilities, from enterprises to government agencies who require to make or receive payments in exchange for goods and services. Our overall aim is to minimize cash transactions and make monetary transactions easy, fast and reliable using latest technologies.